Since 1996, the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments has partnered with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to administer a Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and determine the transportation needs in Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway and Worth counties. The Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments continues to serve as the leading voice for regional transportation planning in northwest Missouri and remains a dedicated supporter and facilitator of communication between MoDOT and the cities and counties in our region. In support of regional transportation planning, the Regional Council and MoDOT work in partnership each year to develop and execute a transportation work plan designed to allow local input into statewide transportation planning.

Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Regional Council serves as a planning partner with MoDOT and engages in a prioritization process to identify transportation needs to be included in Missouri’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The TAC is the key to this prioritization process. The Regional Council TAC is comprised of representatives from cities and counties within the RCOG five-county region.

TAC meets quarterly, though it may meet more often if necessary, at the Regional Council office in Maryville. The meetings are open to the public. Transportation improvements identified by the TAC are presented to the Regional Council’s Board of Directors for approval and forwarded to MoDOT for funding consideration.

Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes and Agendas

May 2021: Agenda Minutes
February 2021: Agenda Minutes

TAC document archives

Transportation Advisory Committee Members by County

All meetings are held at the RCOG Office and are open to the public. Please RSVP to Amy if you plan to attend.

  • Atchison County

    Members: Curtis Livengood, Jim Quimby, Jeff Meyer
  • Gentry County

    Members: Gary Carlson, Vacant, Mike Sager
  • Holt County

    Members: David Carroll, Tom Bullock, Carla Markt
  • Nodaway County

    Members: Chris Burns, Vacant, Greg McDanel
  • Worth County

    Members: Jubal Summers, Jim Fletchall, Regan Nonneman

TAC Bylaws

Click here to view the TAC Bylaws.

Northwest Transportation Planning Partners Annual Meeting

Held annually the first Friday in June. This is an opportunity to join other transportation committee members from the Northwest District to discuss current issues with MoDOT staff and federal and state legislators. The sessions will cover a wide variety of transportation topics pertinent to local governments and citizens in northwest Missouri.

NW Transportation Planning Partners Meeting Agenda

Regional Needs Prioritization Actions

Recent focus has been on Tier 2 and Tier 3/multimodal needs. The following links provide more information on the identified unfunded needs of the Northwest Region:

Click here to see a presentation of the top STIP priorities in the region.

Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety (Blueprint)

Missouri’s Blueprint is part of a national initiative that began in 2005 when Congress passed legislation requiring all states to develop a strategic highway safety plan. These plans were designed to prevent the devastating human and economic consequences caused by traffic crashes.

Missouri has historically followed guidance provided the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) by focusing on identified emphasis and focus areas where progress can be made in reducing transportation related fatalities and serious injuries.

These beginning years led to the creation of the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety (MCRS), a coming together of safety advocates including law enforcement agencies, health care providers, courts, local, state and federal government agencies, advocacy groups, planning organizations, concerned citizens and other safety partners. Missouri’s plans have been guided by the following fundamental principles in the development and implementation phases of our Blueprint:

  • Focus on the number and rate of fatalities and serious injuries
  • Focus on the number of non-motorized fatalities and serious injuries
  • Implementation based on crash and other safety data analysis to identify safety issues on all public roads
  • Utilize a multi-disciplinary approach by focusing on engineering, education, enforcement and emergency medical services
  • Use evidence-based strategies
  • Ensure implementation of countermeasures at both state and local levels
  • Monitor and evaluate progress
  • Support system-wide safety enhancements The MCRS has been instrumental in helping reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries by ensuring

The Regional Council is proud to help promote roadway safety in our five counties. If you need help finding resources or help organizing a safety presentation, please contact Amy at our office.

Blueprint Grant

            Each year the Northwest Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety sets aside money to  fund projects in the 20-county area that designed to education and improve safety on the roads. Information on how to apply will be posted here once the grant cycle opens.

Missouri’s Blueprint – Show-Me Zero will be the state’s strategic plan to save lives and reduce serious injuries. We owe it to all who use our roadways to make sure Moms, Dads, children, friends, co-workers and loved ones ARRIVE ALIVE. Click here to view the Blueprint document.

The Regional Council is a proud member of the Northwest Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety. The area coalition focuses on reducing traffic fatalities in the 20 counties that comprise MoDOT’s Northwest District.

Click here to take the BUPD Challenge!

Road Safety Assessment (RSA)

The RSA team making observations along US 71.

A road safety assessment is a formal examination of the safety performance of a given roadway by an independent multidisciplinary team.

RSA teams consist of MoDOT personnel who know the data and technical aspect, law enforcement brings what they’ve seen with accidents they’ve worked, and local individuals who help the group understand what problems they’ve encountered at the site. During an RSA, the team collectively examines the roadway to identify potential safety issues and opportunities for improvements to enhance the safety for all road users.

RSA’s aim to answer these questions:

  • What elements of the road may present a safety concern: to what extent, to which road users and under what circumstances
  • What opportunities exist to eliminate or mitigate identified safety concerns?

In 2008, the Federal Highway Administration identified RSAs as one of nine proven crash countermeasures all states should consider implementing into their safety plans. Studies have shown crash reductions of up to 60% in locations where RSAs have been conducted. The Regional Council will continue to work with MoDOT conducting RSAs as needed in our five-county region.

Transportation Services

Speed Radar Trailer

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Houston Radar Armadillo Tracker

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Member communities are encouraged to utilize Regional Council resources, including traffic counters, as transportation safety devices.

Other MoDOT information

Check MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map at for weather-related road conditions, closures and work zone locations.

For information about Free Safety Initiatives through MoDOT’s Blueprint for Roadway Safety program, please visit

Any MoDOT grant awardee must use their LPA manual which is located at:

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To report road conditions in your area, call 1-888-ASK-MODOT or contact a member of your local TAC.

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