The Northwest Missouri Regional Council provides grant administration within our five-county region of Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway, and Worth that includes 40 communities. Recipients in our region who receive funding from State and Federal programs are required to assure compliance in policies and regulations of these funds from the beginning when a grant is awarded to the completion of the project. Categories included in the administration of all grants include: Financial Management, Citizen Participation, Procurement, Labor Provisions, Contract Management, Civil Rights Reporting, Acquisition, Environmental Review Clearance and Close Out.

Funded Community Development Block Grant Projects (Active)

  • Atchison County

  • Gentry County

    Gentry County: Two Bridge Replacement in Miller Township
    City of Albany: Wastewater Treatment Facility
    City of King City: Emergency Water Connection, Drought-Related
    City of Stanberry: Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Holt County

    City of Mound City: Bridge Replacement
    City of Forest City: Water Distribution Improvements
    City of Oregon: Water Distribution System Improvements
  • Nodaway County

    Nodaway County: Two Bridge Replacements in Jackson Township
    City of Maryville: SSM Health-St. Francis Hospital New Early Childcare Education Center
    City of Parnell: Water Distribution Improvements
    City of Barnard: Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
  • Worth County

    Worth County: One Bridge Replacement in Smith Township
    City of Sheridan: Water Distribution Improvements

Highlighted Projects

Other Grant Administration Projects

604b- Nodaway Holt Wastewater Feasibility Study

BUILD- City of Maryville South Main Corridor Project

Great Northwest Wholesale Water Commission (GNWWC)

GNWWC minutes: January 9, 2020

Great Northwest Wholesale Water Commission Records Archive