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The Northwest Missouri Regional Solid Waste Management District, Region A, serves the same five-county region as the Regional Council, providing local communities and governments easy access to waste reduction technical services. It is one of twenty Solid Waste Management Districts operating with uniquely different funding levels, board structures, administrative organization, geographic size and demographics. District oversight is provided by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Solid Waste Management Program.

Regional Council staff members provide administration, education, and implementation of the Northwest Missouri Regional Solid Waste Management Plan. The Solid Waste Management District is directed by local leaders appointed to participate on the Full Council, Executive Board and Advisory Committee. For each Grant Call the Executive Board evaluates and ranks grant applications to award grant funds for community projects. Funds can be used for various projects to divert waste, create opportunities for recycling, new market research and development, to collect and process compost, and recycling education. The goal is to encourage everyone to “reduce, reuse & recycle.”

Solid Waste Management Plan Goals:

Reduce the amount of solid waste entering the landfill.

Promote the reuse of products and materials in the district.

Promote and assist the implementation of recycling projects throughout the region.

Encourage local governments and citizens to get involved in compost programs.

Encourage proper disposal techniques and provide infrastructure for waste management.

Collaborate with local governments and solid waste service providers to ensure safe and sanitary management and compliance of solid waste regulations.

Support disposal of special wastes.

Provide public education to citizens of the region through multiple outlets.

Board Members

Region A operates with a Full Council and Executive Board comprised of community leaders representing each county and cities with a population over 500. They meet on a regular basis; Full Council semi-annually and the Executive Board monthly. These two groups oversee all activities of the district, governed both by bylaws and Missouri state law.

  • Executive Board

    Debbie Roach, Chairperson
    David Carroll, Vice Chairperson
    Mackenzie Manring, Secretary/Treasurer
    Mike Sager, Member
    Paul Seaman, Member
    Bill Walker, Member
    Richard Wilson, Member
  • Full Council

    David Carroll, Chairperson, Holt County
    Debbie Roach, Vice Chairperson, Grant City
    Mackenzie Manring, Secretary/Treasurer, Albany
    Jim Quimby, Atchison County
    Richard Burke, Atchison County
    Paul Seaman, Tarkio
    Ryan Kingery, Fairfax
    Brentlee Thomas, Rock Port
    Randy Cline, Gentry County
    Mike Sager, Gentry County
    Shanda Parrish, Stanberry
    Don Combe, King City
    Bryan Markt, Holt County
    Duane Nauman, Mound City
    Richard Wilson, Oregon
    Bill Walker, Nodaway County
    Alex Callow, Nodaway County
    Matt Wray, Hopkins
    John McBride, Maryville
    Dean Kelly, Burlington Junction
    Tyler Paxon, Worth County
    Regan Nonneman, Worth County

Executive Board Minutes

January 11, 2023

June 8, 2022

Full Council Board Minutes

January 12, 2022 Minutes

Solid Waste Board Archives

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The Solid Waste Advisory Committee, comprised of industry and regional community representatives, meets once each year. This committee makes recommendations to the Executive Board.  Their job is to review the Solid Waste Management District goals and to advise the Executive Board on the merits of grant applications.

  • Advisory Committee

    Cynthia Pederson, Citizen
    Dick VanVactor, Citizen
    Dennis Porter, Solid Waste Industry
    Diane Higdon, Commercial Generator
    Shane Baumgart, Commercial Generator

Solid Waste Grant Program

Northwest Missouri State University received a grant to purchase a food waste shredder to streamline the process of creating browns for composting. The composter is located at the Northwest Missouri State University Recycling Center. It is the hope of project manager, Troy Brady, the streamline an efficient composting process and create a sustainable supply of composting soil for the university and potentially other organizations.

The Stanberry Bulldog Recycling Initiative is off to a great start!  Pictured are the crumb weights made from recycled materials along with the signage in the weight room.
The pictures of the football players are showing the recyclable water bottles purchased through this grant project which showcases products made from recycled materials.

Grade 2 students learn about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Region A starts the grant process in February with a grant call, the public posting in regional newspapers of the availability of grant funds. Through a competitive grant application process, the grant requests submitted are evaluated and ranked by the Solid Waste Management District Executive Board in April. The grant requests must meet specific criteria established by the Executive Board to be considered for funding.  This is a reimbursement grant program. Each applicant must document all aspects of their request including bid documents, budget, and letters of commitment from those providing in-kind goods and services or cash match.  Match is required by the District at a minimum of 20% with some exceptions.

NWMSU Recycling Trailers at Community Collection Event

Applications approved at the local level are then submitted to the State for a second review process and approval.  Once the State approves the application for funding, the grant funds are released to the District for distribution to the subgrantees.

A Financial Assistance Agreement (FAA) is signed between the subgrantee and the District to finalize the grant process. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Solid Waste Management Program ‘General Terms and Conditions’ referenced in the Financial Assistance Agreement can be found below.

The District reimburses the applicant with proof of payment and the designated invoice which is the last page of the FAA.  All invoices must be approved by the Executive Board. Each subgrantee is responsible for quarterly status reports, and final report for the grant project. Each quarter, project and financial reports are completed documenting fund administration and waste diversion.

Grant Application and Resources

The Northwest Missouri Solid Waste Management District has grant funds available from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Solid Waste Management Program to distribute to both public and private entities throughout Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway, and Worth Counties. The grant funds are intended to reduce the amount of waste entering the local waste stream and facilitate recycling. Some examples of projects include the purchase of can crushers, recycling trailers, aluminum and cardboard balers, forklifts, recycling bins, composting and other organic recycling projects. Grant funds have also been used for outdoor classrooms, recycling education, rubberized track, and recycling business expansion.

Individuals or entities interested in applying for funds for a waste reduction or recycling project may contact our office via phone at (660) 582-5121 ext. 4; or, via e-mail at

Local Recycling Options

Information for the residents of the five counties of the Solid Waste Management District: Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway and Worth Counties on what you can recycle, how to prepare the material and where to take it is available in this BROCHURE.

Recycle like a pro!
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Site is located at the Nodaway County Maintenance Barn, 1516 E. Halsey Street, Maryville, MO and will be open two Saturdays of each season to provide a total of six collection dates through the year.  The site is closed in the winter. The collection site serves the residents of the five counties of the Solid Waste Management District: Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway and Worth Counties. There is no fee to drop-off; it is FREE for residents only (ID required).

No commercial or business waste accepted. Examples of HHW include: household chemicals (bleach, ammonia, and cleaners) fertilizers, pesticides, brake fluid, transmission fluid, household waxes, Ni-cad, lithium, and lead acid batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs, florescent tubes, antifreeze, oil base paint, and varnish. Do not mix household hazardous wastes together; keep in the original container.  No latex paint accepted.  Latex paint can be dried out and put into the trash. To view a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items, please download the following document: HHW Brochure

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule

MAY 20, 2023, at 1516 East Halsey St. in Maryville, 8:00 to Noon
See student recycling projects HERE

Contact Us

For more information about the Northwest Missouri Regional Solid Waste Management District, please contact our Environmental Planner, Savannah at (660) 582-5121 ext.# 4 or email Solid Waste