The Regional Council’s mission is to promote regional planning for human resources, educational opportunities and economic development in order to enhance the quality of life for the region’s inhabitants. The organization strives to accomplish these objectives by:

  • promoting regional, multi-purpose planning and cooperative arrangements and coordinating action among its member governments;
  • providing professional staff assistance to local governments and organizations in northwest Missouri;
  • serving as an advocate for the northwest region before federal, state, and local governmental agencies and other organizations that influence or affect public policy;
  • promoting the economic development of Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway, and Worth counties; and
  • providing a forum for the discussion and resolution of common problems and issues affecting the northwest Missouri region.

Services Provided with Membership

Coordination Programs

Provide a forum for meeting and information exchange between local governments

Coordination of intergovernmental activities including programs crossing local boundaries. Programs include: transportation planning, solid waste programs, economic development, hazard mitigation, and coordinate strategic planning.

Dissemination of information concerning available funding programs and technical assistance

Representation at statewide and national meetings

Coordination of employment programs in the region

Technical Assistance Programs

Short term research projects

Data gathering for local issues

Representation at local community meetings request

Identifying prospective funding sources for local projects

Providing contact with local, state, or federal official by request

Inquiry Service and Data Mining

U.S. Census Data

Downtown revitalization

Community Development Block Grants

Neighborhood Assistance Program

Economic Development Resources

Small Business Administration and Business and Industry loan information

Transportation issues

Workforce Development

Recreational facilities

Occupational demand/supply

Community surveys

Regulation and guideline compliance