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Mitigation is how communities, businesses, and citizens can reduce the impacts of a disaster long-term by acting before an event occurs.  The Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments assists surrounding counties, communities, and schools to develop FEMA approved Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plans. Each plan is updated every five years. With an approved hazard mitigation plan, participating jurisdictions can be eligible for Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funding to advance mitigation projects and reduce the negative impacts of hazard events.

The first action necessary to reduce the effects of a hazard event is the preparation and implementation of a mitigation strategy. This effort is completed by coordinating meetings among local elected officials, school district officials, local citizens, and representatives from businesses and service agencies to review goals, objectives, and achievable actions that will address their community’s vulnerabilities in the occurrence of a natural disaster.  Once input from the Planning Committee and participating individuals has been received, the hazard mitigation plan is written and then sent off to the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for approval.

Current FEMA Approved Plans:

Atchison County

Gentry County

Holt County

Nodaway County

Worth County

Plans under review:

Planning has begun on the update to the Gentry County HMP

  • The Gentry County Risk Assessment draft is ready for review. This information is being provided to residents of Gentry County participating as members of the Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee. This is not a complete risk assessment. Additional information on the vulnerability of each jurisdiction in the county will be included in the final version of this document. Questions or comments regarding this document can be directed to:
    • Amy Dowis
    • 114 W. Third St
    • Maryville, MO 64468
  • Please submit your comments regarding this risk assessment by June 15, 2020. To view the risk assessment, please click here: Gentry-County-risk-assessment-draft

HMGP Grants

The Regional Council provides assistance to eligible jurisdictions/schools that apply for HMGP grants.  Jurisdictions/schools can be eligible for HMGP grant opportunities if they have participated in their county’s hazard mitigation plan.  The following link provides access to grant applications and information as to what mitigation projects can be funded:


For more information about applying for hazard mitigation grants, please contact Amy Dowis at (660) 582-5121 or email at amy@nwmorcog.org.