The Council should be staffed by professionals, with compensation the responsibility of member governments. Regional Council of Governments personnel should be, in name, fact, and practice, employees of the local governments they serve. The Regional Council of Governments’ executive director should be directly responsible to the Council’s governing body. A Council executive director, or any other member of the Regional Council of Governments’ staff, should not be directly or indirectly, an employee of the state or federal governments. This same principle applies to any regional board or agency which serves local governments. 

Jerri Dearmont
Executive Director

Jerri Dearmont joined the NWMORCOG in December 1988. Her experience with the agency has included general secretarial duties and the administration of various grants funded through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


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Economic Development Planner

Kimberly Mildward
Economic Development Planner
One-Stop Operator

Mrs. Mildward joined the Regional Council in September 1998. Kim previously worked as the Functional Leader of the Missouri Job Center and recently transitioned into her current role as Economic Development Planner. Mrs. Mildward coordinates with Economic Developers in the RCOG’s 5-county region, along with county and city officials to aide in the recruitment and retention of businesses in the region.


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Regional Planner

Amy Dowis
Regional Planner

Amy Dowis joined the Regional Council in August of 2014 as a Career Counselor in the Job Center. Amy now serves as the Regional Planner for the Regional Council where she works mostly with MoDOT and other transportation planning programs. Amy has a degree in Health Care Administration.


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Workforce Development Director

Rita Wallinga
Title I WIOA Program Director

Rita attended Wayne State College in Wayne, NE and transferred to Northwest Missouri State University where she graduated with a B.S. in Psychology/Sociology Comprehensive.  Rita Wallinga joined the Regional Council on March 16, 2018 as Workforce Development Director.  Her duties include managing the Missouri Job Center, the WIOA Adult, Dislocated, and Youth programs, and referring qualified candidates to employers for their open positions.  Rita previously has worked as an Employer Development Specialist for Ability KC, Resource Room Coordinator for the Missouri Career Center, and a Social Service Director for Beverly Living Center.



Cheyenne Murphy
Fiscal Officer

Cheyenne Murphy joined the Regional Council in January of 2022 as a Fiscal intern. She since serves as the Fiscal Officer where she works with a variety of funding agencies to fulfill financial responsibilities. Additionally, she is responsible for Human Resources. Cheyenne graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Accounting.


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Program Assistant

Steve Houts
Program Assistant

Steve Houts joined the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments team in the fall of 2016. His duties include assisting the Executive Director and other staff members in carrying out research with analysis, organization, communication, and technological support. Originally from the Rock Port area, Steve taught math and science at the Maryville Middle School for over 20 years. He has BS and MS degrees in education from Northwest Missouri State University.


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Savannah Willmore
Solid Waste Planner

Savannah Willmore joined the Regional Council in April 2023 as the Solid Waste Planner. Her duties include managing the Solid Waste Management District A, implementation, coordination, and supervision of District projects, and writing grant applications supporting waste reduction goals. Savannah has experience including nearly 8 years of EMT experience and administrative roles with the Department of Social Services. Savannah graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies with a focus in Emergency Management and Gerontology. She is a current graduate student at Bellevue University studying Emergency Management with a thesis emphasis on health care. She is also a member of the Nodaway County Ambulance District Mass Casualty Response Squad and Team Rubicon.

Email: Savannah

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Sarah Prickett
Assistant Regional Planner

Sarah Prickett joined the Regional Council in March of 2022 as an intern. She has since graduated from Northwest Missouri State University earlier this month, with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Geography. After graduating, Sarah joined the NWMORCOG staff in a new part-time position: Assistant Regional Planner.

As Assistant Regional Planner Sarah is responsible for working on transportation-related project development and grant opportunities, updating transportation plans, public engagement, and more. This position will function almost completely remote as Sarah starts working on her Master’s in Public Administration at Kansas State University in August of 2023.

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Eli Fox
Intern: Disaster Mitigation


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