Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

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The member cooperatives of the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives (AMEC) have been working with the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments (NWMORCOG) in completing an update of the Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan for the electrical cooperatives operating in the State of Missouri. We are asking all interested individuals and organizations to review and provide feedback on this draft before it is submitted to the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for review. A 30-day public comment period begins on August 29, 2022. Written comments for the plan may be submitted via email to amy@nwmorcog.org . A link to the State Summary can be found on this page. Each individual cooperative’s plan will be available at the cooperative’s office or on its website. A list of the participating cooperatives and a link to their website appears below.

Electric Distribution CooperativeWebsite
Atchison-Holt Electric Cooperative (AHEC)www.ahec.coop
Barry Electric Cooperative (BEC)www.barryelectric.com
Barton County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BCEC)www.bartonelectric.com
Black River Electric Cooperative (BREC)www.brec.coop
Callaway Electric Cooperative (Callaway)www.callawayelectric.coop
Central Missouri Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CMEC)www.cmecinc.com
Citizens Electric Corporation (Citizens)www.cecmo.com
Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CEC)www.consolidatedelectric.com
Crawford Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Crawford)www.crawfordelec.com
Cuivre River Electric Cooperative, Inc.www.cuivre.com
Farmers’ Electric Cooperative, Inc. (FEC)www.fecco.com
Gascosage Electric Cooperative (GEC)www.gascosage.com  
Grundy Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Grundy) www.grundyec.com  
Howard Electric Cooperative (HEC)www.howardelectric.com
Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (HOEC)www.hoecoop.org  
Intercounty Electric Cooperative Association (IECA)www.ieca.coop  
Laclede Electric Cooperative (LEC)www.lacledeelectric.com  
Lewis County Rural Electric Cooperative (LCREC)www.lewiscountyrec.org  
Macon Electric Cooperative (MEC)www.maconelectric.com
Missouri Rural Electric Cooperative (MOREC)www.morec.org  
New-Mac Electric Cooperative (New-Mac)www.newmac.com
North Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.(NCMEC)www.ncmec.coop/  
Osage Valley Electric Cooperative Association (OVEC)www.osagevalley.com  
Ozark Border Electric Cooperative, Inc. (OBEC)www.ozarkborder.org  
Ozark Electric Cooperative, Inc. (OZEC)www.ozarkelectric.com  
Pemiscot-Dunklin Electric Cooperative (PDEC)www.pemdunk.com  
Ralls County Electric Cooperative (RCEC)www.rallscountyelectric.com  
Sac Osage Electric Cooperative (SOEC)www.sacosage.com  
Se-Ma-No Electric Cooperative (Se-Ma-No)www.semano.com  
SEMO Electric Cooperative (SEMO)www.semoelectric.coop  
Southwest Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SWEC)www.swec.org  
Three Rivers Electric Cooperative (Three Rivers)www.threeriverselectric.com  
Tri-County Electric Cooperative Association (TCEC)www.tricountyelectric.org.
United Electric Cooperative, Inc.www.ueci.coop  
Webster Electric Cooperativewww.websterec.com  
West Central Electric Cooperativewww.westcentralelectric.com  
White River Valley Electric Cooperativewww.whiteriver.org  
Generation and Transmission CooperativesWebsite
KAMO Electric Cooperative, Inc.www.kamopower.com
M & A Electric Power Cooperativewww.maelectric.com
Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperativewww.northeastpower.coop
N.W. Electric Power Cooperative, Incwww.nwepc.com
Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperativewww.shomepower.com
Associated Electric Cooperative, Incwww.aeci.org