Workforce Development

The Regional Council operates the Missouri Career Center, which assists area businesses and job seekers with meeting the challenges of our economy. The Missouri Career Center is located on the first floor of the Regional Council’s office and is home to the Workforce Investment Act and Missouri Work Assistance Program staff.  Additionally, representatives from the Division of Workforce Development, Vocational Rehabilitation, Veteran's Services, Job Corps, and Experience Works meet with customers by appointment only at this site.

Missouri Career Center & Workforce Investment Act Programs

The Workforce Investment Act places greater emphasis on streamlining of services to business and job seekers.  Customer choice, quality customer service and training individuals for local, in-demand occupations and customer service are the focus on Missouri Career Center services.

Resource Room

The Missouri Career Center is open to the general public 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday to help businesses and job seekers with their workforce development needs.

Businesses may stop by or call to place their job openings on  Employers can further learn about training options available for newly hired employees and reserve space for a hiring event, job interview or meeting with potential employees at a neutral location.

Job Seekers are welcome anytime during open hours and may use the Resource Room to search for jobs, work on resumes and cover letters, practice interviewing skills, and file UI claims.  They may also meet with a Career Counselor to learn about Career Exploration tools and training available in the area.

Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

Individuals interested in attending training can meet with a Career Counselor to determine if they are eligible to receive financial assistance for an approved training program.  For those who qualify, financial assistance with tuition, books and fees, as well at transportation, child care and other supportive services while attending training may be available. 

Job seekers may also be interested in the On-the-Job Training program, which allows individuals to learn new job duties on-site with a local employer and helps cover some of the training costs for the employer. 

Youth Program

Funded by the Workforce Investment Act and administered by the Regional Council, the Youth Program is designed to help young adults reach educational and career goals.  Through community-building activities and incentive programs, the Youth Program seeks to increase confidence and encourage achievement for all who participate.

To be eligible to participate in the Youth Program an individual must be between the ages of 14 and 21, and meet household income requirements. In addition, youth must be experiencing one or more of the following barriers to achievement: high school drop-out, runaway, homeless, foster child, pregnant or parenting, offender, deficient in basic literacy skills, or require other assistance to complete an educational program and/or keep a job.

If a youth has been determined eligible to participate in the program, the following services may be available:

  • Tutoring, Study Skills Training and Instruction—assistance with studying to ensure participants graduate and avoid dropping out of school
  • Alternative Secondary School Enrollment—if a traditional education is not right for the participant, we can help explore other options
  • GED Assistance
  • Career Planning—participate in activities that will help youth establish goals and occupational plans
  • Summer Employment/Work Experience Opportunities—learn valuable  job skills while earning a paycheck
  • Leadership Development Opportunities—discover leadership qualities through community service and group activities that encourage responsibility and other positive habits
  • Supportive Services—youth may be eligible to receive financial assistance for child care, transportation costs or other expenses while participating in the program
  • Incentives—youth may be eligible to receive  incentives for reaching education milestones  and/or keeping a job 

Missouri Work Assistance Program

The Regional Council administers the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) Program and provides parents receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) with job preparation and supportive services, such as case management, child care, transportation reimbursement and more.  Participants have the opportunity to gain valuable tools through education, work experience, job skills/training and employment. Over a lifetime, individuals receiving TANF may only receive 60 cumulative months of the benefit, during which time the MWA Program provides participants with the necessary skills to become self-sufficient. 

MWA Program Participants

Several resources are available to MWA Program participants, including case management, child care assistance, transportation reimbursement, work related expenses, job/skills training, educational opportunities, work experience, incentives, and job search assistance.

When a TANF case is approved by the Family Support Division, participants will be contacted via U.S. Mail scheduling a meeting with a MWA Case Manager at the Regional Council’s office in Maryville. Participants are asked to contact the Regional Council at 660-582-8980 if unable to keep this appointment.  Case Managers are willing to meet at a time and/or location that works best for participants and can travel to outlying areas within the five-county region.

The number of hours a TANF recipient is required to participate in the MWA Program each week depends on whether they live in a single parent or a two-parent household, as well as the age of the youngest child in the home. A single parent with children under six is required to participate 20 hours per week, and if the children are over six they are required to participate 30 hours per week. In a two parent household with children under six, parents are required to participate 35 hours per week, and if the children are over six, they are required to participate 55 hours a week.

For more information about Employment and Training, contact Kim Mildward at the Regional Council (660) 582-8980.

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